Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Thank you for not pissing against the sofa

Let's suppose you have some friends who want to spend an evening at your house. Let's also suppose said friends have a male dog they want to bring along. All of you have a wonderful evening with drinks, board games, pizza and when your friends leave at 2 am, there are no warm damp stains on the carpet or sofa.
Would now anybody expect you to thank the dog for not having pissed against the sofa? Are you supposed to give him a doggie biscuit? And what the hell is this excourse in dog-pissing supposed to mean?
It's that annoying argument about "nature" I'm talking about.
I think it's safe to state that pissing against almost everything to mark their claim is very natural to male dogs.
Still, we train them not to do it inside of people's homes.
Yet nobody with a sane mind would argue that humans are opressing the poor beast by this.
This is the consensus when we're talking about an animal who cannot understand why his natural behaviour causes damage and harm when not controlled.
When it comes to humans on the other hand, sentinent beings capable of reason, logic and empathy, suddenly nature is everything.
"Boys will be boys" indicates that it's not only natural for them to behave in a certain way, but also that they should be allowed to do so. Even worse, whenever somebody tries to change that, there are cries of  opression and mistreatment. It is obviously a violation of human (and godly) rights if males have to sit down for peeing .
This argument is so frequent, we don't even recognize it most of the time. For a woman "it's that time of the month", which serves some men to disregard any reason a woman might have to behave in a certain way, and serves some women as an excuse to behave like she had the anger management skills of a 5 year old.
So, how come people expect a dumb animal to behave in a certain way that goes against their natural instincts and don't think about it twice, but actas is the Gestapo was let loose if anybody expects humans to behave in a compassionate way that doesn't harm other human beings?
Not only are those people failing at establishing "natural" in the first place (to my knowlege, little boys need to be taught how to pee without causing a damp stain just like little girls have to be taught), to this day I yet have to see why this should mean anything for a species that is living in buildings made from material that was produced via several stages in different factories, wearing clothes made out of old plastic bottles and  having arguments over the internet.
Here's the thing: If you want cookies, have some.
But don't expect to get them handed as a reward for not behaving like an absolute idiot.

Freitag, 17. Juni 2011


However you stumbled across this, welcome to my new blog.
I created this as a place to write down thoughts, ideas, rants that would derail other forums and blogs, to discuss them, get feedback, learn and share.
As the title says, this is about thinking aloud. That entitled me to certain incoherencies, mistakes, stupidities. I bring them forward for you to tackle them.
Disagree with me, challenge my ideas, add your input. Agreement is also welcome, once in while everybody likes a cookie.
Comments will generally not be moderated except for:
-Stupid adds
-Publishing of personal information

This doesn't mean I won't slap people down, though