Samstag, 20. August 2011

Homeopathy is so strong, it works through closed bottles

On our recent holiday in France, the kids and hubby caught cold. No big deal, but I wanted to give them some cough syrup, the only medication I hadn't packed.
So I scratched my French together, went into the pharmacy and asked for something against a dry cough.
Well, since Mr. was parking in the second row, and my French is about as fluent as the Dead Sea, I just took the bag, paid the bill and left.
Back at our caravan I inspected the bottle. Yes, my French had worked. It said it was a remedy against dry coughs on the bottle.
On closer inspection it also told me it was a homeopathic bottle of sugar-water and if the symptoms hadn't become better within 5 days, I should see a doctor.
Well, what should I say? After only two days, the cough really had become better.
All through the magic powers of a closed bottle in the cupboard (don't ask me why I transported it another 1.000 km to throw it away back at home).
If I were any suceptible to woo, I would now be completely convinced of the wonderful power of homeopathy. I would probably drive the 50 km to cross the border just to buy that very cough syrup.
Bad luck for them...
What really annoys me is that in the European Union, any so called "functionyl food" has to provide studies before they're allowed to market their stuff as "beneficial for your cholesterol digestion whatever" . So why are they allowed to put the label cough remedy on a bottle of sugarwater?