Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Do something now

I just got an e-mail that inspired me to this blog-post.
Some time ago I found out that the ultra-conservative Pius-Brotherhood is protesting against reproductive healthcare providers. This may be very old news for you, but not that common in Germany.
So, when I found out I took the 5 minutes it takes to write them a supportive e-mail, telling them "Thank you".
So today I got a reply. they were sincerely glad about getting a supportive slap on the shoulder once in a while, we all know that it feels good.
So, it's something you can do now. If you can't be an escort, if the nearest clinic is far away, if there's nothing else you can do: Write them an e-mail, thank them, tell them you're glad they're there for you even though you might never need them.
Just do it.