Montag, 25. Juli 2011

To Norway....and the world

Now it's been three days since the horrible massacre in Norway. Police are correcting the death numbers, fortunately downwards. The shock that numbed out most other feelings vanes and all over the world the filths spews forth.
A Finish Newspaper blames the massacre on women not having enough sex with the bastard (if your Finish is as good as mine, try this link), while the most disgusting Glenn Beck insults the victims by comparing them to the Hitler Youth.

How can they?
How dare they?
Have they been raised under a wet stone and only recently came out?

I'm angry. I'm angry as hell. I'm angry at all those people who let the fascists, the racists, the xenophobes join their ranks as concerned citizens against the "islamification", who themselves used every cheap trick in the book to make immigrants the scapegoats again, who proclaimed the end and the death of the western world if we don't start doing something against muslims.

We have seen once again who wants to kill freedom, everything that's good, that makes life worth living. The same people who always wanted to do this since the 1930's.

I'm sad. I hold my kids as if there was no tomorrow. Because there are those people in Norway for whom there is no tomorrow in which they can hold their children.

I'm amazed at the Norwegians, who don't answer this horrible act of terrorism with cries for less freedom, but with a firm dedication to keep an open society, to uphold the values of those killed.
Because you can't end terrorism with police force or armies. That means you let them win.

Again, to Norway. I mourn with you, I cry with you.

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