Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Helping people the christian way

Today while munching something outside the library I checked the notes on the blackboard mainly for given my head something to munch on, too.
So my eyes fell on a small booklet with the picture of a woman behind a window in a heavy rain, out of focus. So I picked it up to see what it was about and my worst fears were confirmed when I saw it was indeed a christian pamphlet for some bible-circle or other*.
What was sickening was that it clearly adressed women suffering from depression and other mental health problems, claiming that their fictional identification figure tried everything, from sex over drugs to Eastern spirituality but she was still unhappy and alone and also addicted.
But you know, then a friend mentioned that she had to pray to god and believe in Jesus and everything would be happy.
Fuck you.
I make no secret of the fact that I have mental health problems. And so have many others. I also have a thyroid problem and so have others. And I know how vulnerable and anxious and easy to manipulate you are when you are depressive and locked into your own head and I also know how much good therapy can do just like those little pills of Thyroxine are doing me a lot of good.
The idea of those people fishing for lost and lonely women who most likely have already experience emotional abuse and then telling them that they just have to accept that they're bad and broken anyway makes me sick.
That's why I'm allergic to people telling me about the good religion and religious institutions do. They would probably even count this as "good", because look, they want to help the poor women!
Fuck you, too 

*This kind of thing is relatively rare in Germany


Anonym hat gesagt…

this is jb, from the crommunist thread

notice a trend?

its all 'shut up you stupid emotional women, let us men discuss the finer intellectual points that you do not understand'

fucking assholes
bryan is nothing but condescending and nasty!

Giliell hat gesagt…

Yes, because, you know, having a uterus doesn't mean you're allowed to have an opinion about it ;)