Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Who moved the zebra, eh cheese?

You know that idea of "who moved the cheese"? The idea that, if we suddenly find that the provisions we carefully made are gone we're supposed to work harder and find new resources instead of asking who fucking moved the cheese.
Today I noticed that concept in a children's book. Yes, teach 'em young.
The story is about a zebra in the Zoo who wakes one morning to find her stripes gone. She's black all over and sad and scared. Together with her friend she sets out to find new stripes. When she's finally made it she meets the zoo director who tells her that he borrowed her stripes while she slept because he needed a zebra crossing, but wasn't she a good zebra to find new ones for herself so her old stripes could now serve as a zebra crossing forever?
The moral of the story: If you're brave you'll find new cheese, eh stripes.
My daughter didn't buy it. Hearing it again and again (isn't it incredible how often they'll make you read the very same story) and knowing in the beginning that the solution to the vanished stripes is the director, she said "he just shouldn't have taken her stripes without asking. He mad her sad."
Good girl, bad authors.


Anonym hat gesagt…

I don't know. Sometimes people steal your stuff. They shouldn't, but they do. It happens regularly. What do you do? Sit around and say, "boo hoo, that person shouldn't have done that!"? No, you report it and move on.

jose hat gesagt…

Kudos to her for calling out the BS.

The moral: "There's nothing you can do to keep your minimum wage/pension/vacation/unemployment benefits/freedom, you better shut up and move on".

No, sir. We won't move on until we get our goddamn rights back.

You know what's worse? That some of our fellow workers buy into the story and throw their coworkers under the bus and stab one another in the back. It's a way for the executives to divide workers.

El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.