Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Your (almost) daily dose of sexism #3 Birthday Edition

Today is my daughter's birthday (Happy Birthday, my love. You're smart, you're gorgeous, you kick ass). The amount of sexist crap I've gotten since I dared to have a daughter would fill this for like forever, but today I yaught myself at the daily sexism.
For her birthday I gave her a set of beads to make jewelery. Yeah, lots of pink butterflies. Not a cool science kit. Girl stuff, you know.
And since it's her birthday everything had to be postponed for half an hour so she could make a necklace (with a little help from me). Working with her I realized that this is a damn educational toy. Her fine motor skills were trained, we talked about symetry, colours and numbers. I, a passionate crafter and seamstress (not that kind) had fallen into the trap of the disdain for all things feminine.
Lesson learned, morre beads!

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