Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Your daily dose of sexism #4

From the blurb of an erotic novel:
Lucilles neuer Boss, der ebenso charismatische wie exzentrische Reeder Craig Bellamy, erwischt sie während der Arbeitszeit bei einer Ménage à troi. Er sieht von einer Kündigung ab, wenn sie ihm Liebesdienste erweist. Neugierig lässt Lucille sich auf das tabulose Spiel ein.
In English:
Lucille's new boss, the charistmatic and excentric shipowner Craig Bellamy catches her in a threesome during work hours. He tells her he won't fire her if she grants him sexual favours. Being curious, Lucille joins this game without taboos.
Sexual coercion and probably rape as teaser for eroticism. Clearly, that's what all women want: as long as the guy is good-looking and rich, they don't mind that they have to give him a blowjob in order to keep their real job.

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