Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Your daily dose of sexism #2

I said it would be daily, didn't I?
So, today we have Nompliments, not really compliments.
In my parents' garden, the little one stood on the wall, holding the cloth-line pole, jumping up and down and singing "Jingle Bells".
Yeah, I know it's July.
So an elderly relative commented at the side of this happy and energetic child: She should have better been a boy!
Yeah, if those are compliments I don't want to see the insults...

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throwaway hat gesagt…

You're skipping some days =) better have a good wrap-up of the last few days!

I overheard one nompliment from my grandmother to my cousin:
"You're such a pretty girl, why would you want to join the military?"