Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Your daily dose of Sexism #6: Women and informatics

I teach Spanish for adults and often use material from a magazine that is especially made for learners. They have a feature called "La familia Perez", in which they show colloquial language in dialogues.
Sadly, the women of the family are always the punchline.
So, this time, while he is working on the computer, she is cleaning the living room (inconsiderate cow, to disturb him after he complained about the dust). And he complains about all the spam and if she has been fooling around with their email address.
No, of course, she hasn't (it's established (he tells us) that he can't have a sensible discussion with her about informatics), but, btw, there was this mail from the bank where they asked for their details. So he freaks out, they have been fooled by a Phisher, didn't he tell her?!.
By whom, she asks, what guy, but he sets off for the bank.
After he saves them and comes back from the bank, she asks again what a guy named Fisher has to do with this, and he goes off laughing, and wer'e supposed to laugh along.
Stupid woman, doesn't know what Phisihing is! Well, seems like she was extensively schooled on the subject by a patient teacher.

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